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The Department of English is a dynamic department of the college. The Undergraduate programwas introduced in 2005 and Post Graduate program was introduced in 2008. Our department hassuccessfully made its way in the academia. The students are educated with multimedia-basedclassroom teaching with a several activities like project-based learnings, presentations, studytours and movie screening for the holistic development. The department has dedicated audio-visual room with interactive projector for film studies and phonetics.

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Bachelor of Arts (English)

The department of English offers English as a major

Master of Arts (English)

Department: English
Departments staff

Dr.Jitendrakumar Singh


Dr. Sandip Shah

Assistant Professor

Dipesh Patel

Assistant Professor

Lalji Shiyal

Assistant Professor

Krupesh Chauhan

Assistant Professor

Rima soni

Assistant Professor