Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)

Department : Sociology

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3 Years

The students of the department are imparted practical knowledge through various activities. Reading, writing and students speeches are organized to awaken the various working power and dormant powers of the students in which topics like social service, spirituality, religion, health, environment, social problems, culture, personality, etc. are covered. Various seminars are organized for the development of the students seminars are also conducted by giving them various project work to nurture their creativity. The above activities are also successfully carried out under I.P.Desai study circle in the department. The students of sociology from TYBA and SYBA ARE trained to do report writing by doing field work and research related education is imparted through which students can understand the issues of the society through interaction with the society


Dr. S.B.Gosai
Assistant Professor
Dr. Heena Yogesh Gajjar
Associate Professor