Master of Social Work

Department: Social Work

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2 Years

About Course:

Master of Social Work (MSW) aims to impart quality education for the all-round development of professional social workers through a value-added, market-driven and indigenously relevant course in the areas of Government, Welfare, NGOs, Human Resource Management, Community Development and Health. It aims to develop skilled and competent social work professionals who combine a strong theoretical foundation with a unique and sound practical experience.

The two-year course is paying attention on providing the students with sound theoretical knowledge along with skills and aptitudes that will enable them to bring about transformation in the overall quality of life of individuals and communities. A combination of both classroom learning and a diversity of fieldwork machinery smooth the progress of the application of theory into practice and organize the students in this era of competitive personnel. The central part of the MSW program is its field work placements or internship wherein MSW graduates are placed into field work agencies and projects in varied settings, which includes Rural, NGO, Hospital and Industry. The unique culture, vibrant atmosphere and healthy curriculum help the students to be innovative and train to stand out in today’s demanding work demand and environment.


Moin-ul-Atiq H. Malek​
Assistant Professor
Amit Patel​
Assistant Professor
​​​​Ashvinkumar Patel​
Assistant Professor
Maulin R Thakor
Assistant Professor
Farzeen Vohra
Assistant Professor
Rechal Macwan
Assistant Professor